How to Spoil Your Dog

What would you do without your dog? Think of all those sloppy kisses, the unconditional love and protection offers, and their cheerful playing, as well as their deep understanding. Don’t you think that your dog requires a little extra pampering and spoiling once in a while?

But, how do you do it? Without going into the details of the small business deduction, how do you ensure that your dog feels like the only dog in the whole world, even for a few hours?

Homemade treats

Since you bake cookies and cupcakes to appreciate your colleagues, friends, and neighbors, why not do the same for your dog. It will appreciate a healthy homemade treat for your dog. You can get them from your dog’s favorite pet store.

Visit and make new friends

Other than you and your friends, your dog would love to make new friends or to reunite with the old friends. So, why not organize a pet play date? Don’t forget to carry toys, and to make the date long for the dogs to bond as they run around. If the playdate takes place at the park, make sure that the dog is more than 4 months old.

Schedule a spa day

Your dog could be desperate for a good bath. While dogs don’t like to get wet, washing while massaging the skin, keeping water out of their eyes will leave your dog happier than you could ever imagine. After the relaxing bath, rub your dog in a fluffy towel and then brush their hairs gently. If you want to make the bath extra special, take a trip to the pet salon.

Plan and take your dog on a vacation

You aren’t the only one who enjoys trips out of town. Pets love traveling, and that is why they don’t feel good when you leave them at home all the time. As you plan your vacation, look for pet-friendly destinations – places they can go for walks and runs. The beach is as appealing to you as it is to your dog.

Regular medical checkups

Pampering your dog is also about ensuring that it is in perfect health. You should take your dog to the vet even if it looks healthy and brimming with energy. The medical checkup means that you will catch a medical issue long before it worsens preventing years of pain while prolonging the life of your best friend. Also, ensure that your dog is up to date with all its vaccines.

Get a dog walker

Your dog needs to exercise daily. If your busy schedule doesn’t have sufficient time for walking the dog, hire a dog walker. Besides exercise, your dog will find a companion.

Glamour Shots

If you can afford it, hire a professional photographer, or take your friend with you to the park or the beach to have fun, and to capture the perfect moments of your day or life together. You might be surprised to learn that your dog loves the attention more than you do.

Lastly, get your dog a cozy bed. You can throw in an orthopedic pillow or tons of blankets for their comfort. The cozy bed will also help protect and soothe the joints.