Is the Bee Population in Decline?

Yes, and the trend is irreversible without action.

You may think that bee pest control specialists would be positive about a decline in the bee population; less nest problems, more time to concentrate on other pests, fewer clients phoning them in a blind panic as a swarm of bees terrorises them.

However, the reverse is true. A decline in the bee population is an unwelcome situation with significant ramifications. The decrease is exacerbated by people trying to eradicate bees nests themselves rather than using bee pest control firms like Pest Control Berkshire who employ effective solutions for both humans and bees.

Is the population drop sudden?

Dr. Simon Potts at The University of Reading’s study in 2010 concluded that the bee population in the UK fell at over twice the rate of those on the European mainland over 20 years. (The Telegraph.)

The Guardian reported on leading scientists’ warnings about our food supplies being affected by the diminishing bee population back in January 2014 and numbers continue to lessen.

Removing the bees’ natural habitats to create housing and commercial centres, a lack of biodiversity, parasitic mites, disease and climate change are also factors in their decline.

As much as we …

How to Spoil Your Dog

What would you do without your dog? Think of all those sloppy kisses, the unconditional love and protection offers, and their cheerful playing, as well as their deep understanding. Don’t you think that your dog requires a little extra pampering and spoiling once in a while?

But, how do you do it? Without going into the details of the small business deduction, how do you ensure that your dog feels like the only dog in the whole world, even for a few hours?

Homemade treats

Since you bake cookies and cupcakes to appreciate your colleagues, friends, and neighbors, why not do the same for your dog. It will appreciate a healthy homemade treat for your dog. You can get them from your dog’s favorite pet store.

Visit and make new friends

Other than you and your friends, your dog would love to make new friends or to reunite with the old friends. So, why not organize a pet play date? Don’t forget to carry toys, and to make the date long for the dogs to bond as they run around. If the playdate takes place at the park, make sure that the dog is more than 4 months old.…